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ELECTRI_CITY Conference 2018: We're proud to announce that we have the wonderful Jordan Mooney at our Conference in Düsseldorf on OCT 13th. Listen to her talk with Dr. Jill Adam about the early days in Londons King's Road 430. A talk about fashion, film and music, about Vivienne Westwood, Derek Jarman and the Sex Pistols. Followed by guitar maestro Marco Pirroni who was a King's Road regular at the time and a founding member of Adam And The Ants. In conversation with british journalist and book author John Robb he will talk about the scene, the fashion and the aftermath. The opening lecture is held by Dr. Giacomo Botta from the University of Helsinki about an all-girl-group from Düsseldorf: Östro 430. Our special guest for 2018 is bassplayer Jah Wobble who formed the band PiL together with John Lydon after he had just left the Sex Pistols. He worked with Holger Czukay and Brian Eno and launched his solo act with a band called The Invaders Of The Heart. In conversation with Rudi Esch he will give an overview of his remarkable career. Photo Credit: Sheila Rock Moderation: Jochen Oberlack

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Electri_City_Conference zu Besuch beim "Louder Than Words" Festival Manchester

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Westdeutsche Zeitung 06.Okt 2018

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